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01 Apr 2021             ALERT SIGNUP
TBM drives in China claimed as the most difficult ever
The long drives were going to be difficult for the 8.02m main beam gripper TBM but no one could predict just how challenging – for drives that are considered as the most difficult encountered to date

Video: ITA Member Nation Activities – Turkey

In a market survey conducted by the ITA, Turkey was the most active of European countries in underground projects in 2019 for improving national road and rail connectivity, developing water and hydropower projects and completing fixed road and rail links under the Bosphorus

Quantifying geological reliability

Use of rigorous geological structural domaining techniques, together with reliability checking and ranking, can lead to better design modelling and reduced project risk

Complex metro excavation

Exceptional SCL structures were required under the heart of the financial centre of London and within a complex of existing and operational underground infrastructure to upgrade Bank Station

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In recent years, Turkey has been on a fast track to solve urban congestion, improve connectivity across the country, address major irrigation and water conveyance needs, and increase hydropower energy production – making it the most active of European countries in underground infrastructure construction.

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ITA Member Nation Activities – Turkey

Video: Badaling rail project, China

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