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03 Dec 2021             ALERT SIGNUP
Rehabilitation option for Hudson rail links
An alternative suggests in-service rehabilitation of the Hudson River rail tunnels between New Jersey and Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan

Yet more money agreed to complete Crossrail

Another £825 million is allocated to complete Crossrail in the UK bringing the total investment in the project to £18.6 billion

One main drive remains for Tideway TBMs

With West and Central Contract main drives completed, only the 5.5km East Contract drive through Seaford Chalk remains on the main Tideway interceptor

Breakthrough celebrated on Pune Metro Line 1

Terratec TBMs break through on Pune Metro Line 1, Maharashtra, India

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In-service rehabilitation of underground infrastructure is possible and has been highly successful when approached as an operation of logistics, precision timing, detailed planning and intense concentration by all involved. Weighing the positives against the possible risks and scenario assessments is the vital rehearsal before work begins.

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Drill+blast Focus
Artificial intelligence assists drill+blast
Laser-guided assistance for profiling
Explosives for rock excavations
Chinese manufactured jumbos in review
Speeding drill+blast rates in Hong Kong
Recent reporting
TBM procurement and risk discussions
Who should choose the TBM?
Woodsmith TBM records 1km in one month
Lower Thames Crossing invites tenders
Awards: ITA Awards free virtual event
Himalayan Zoji La road link progressing
TBM starts on Mumbai Coastal Road
Highway link opens in central Vietnam
First TBM lowered for Cross River Rail
New proposal for Honshu-Hokkaido link
Contract for Delhi-Meerut railway link
Jakarta-Bandung HSR proceeding
TBMs arriving for Hanoi Metro
Tender opened for Bosnian highway link
Hong Kong site hit by second outbreak
Hong Kong inaugurates TM-CLK link
Large hydropower project progressing
Chengdu opens four new metro lines
Mott MacDonald to design CAM scheme
Contract for Hamburg highway link
Detroit River rail link sold to CP
Vermeer acquires Normag HDD technology

UCA Lifetime Award - John Reilly

TAC Project Award - Metro mined stations

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