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14 Jan 2021             ALERT SIGNUP
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TBMs in difficult ground lecture

Three difficult TBM projects of recent times are the focus of the BTS lecture by Lok Home of Robbins next Thursday 21 Jan 2021

New TBM for St Louis CSO drive

A replacement Robbins TBM will complete a St Louis CSO storage drive after the original TBM became trapped underground

Rohtang pushed NATM to limits

The Rohtang highway project high in the Himalayas in India taxed the excavation teams to the limits both logistically and geologically

Current news
Observational Method in Civil Engineering
New jumbo designed for narrow headings
From the Archive
2009: TBM advantages for AMR in India
2001: Record setting Yellow River TBMs
2000: Early TBM experience at Qinling
1995: Critical elements for NATM success

Difficult rock and ground conditions push excavation efforts to the limit - for men, methods and machinery. With every technical advance and success, the reach is for ever greater achievements and possibilities. It is experience that tempers expectations.

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Himalayan Zoji La road link progressing
TBM starts on Mumbai Coastal Road
Highway link opens in central Vietnam
First TBM lowered for Cross River Rail
New proposal for Honshu-Hokkaido link
Contract for Delhi-Meerut railway link
Jakarta-Bandung HSR proceeding
TBMs arriving for Hanoi Metro
Tender opened for Bosnian highway link
Hong Kong site hit by second outbreak
Hong Kong inaugurates TM-CLK link
Large hydropower project progressing
Chengdu opens four new metro lines
Mott MacDonald to design CAM scheme
Contract for Hamburg highway link
Detroit River rail link sold to CP
Vermeer acquires Normag HDD technology

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