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22 Apr 2021             ALERT SIGNUP

TBM procurement within contract award processes

Conversation continues on the process of TBM procurement as part complex underground projects with considerations including technical requirements, cost and schedule constraints, unknown ground conditions and associated risk factors

TBM procurement, risk, and technology advancement

Review of TBM procurement methods given technology advance, contracting procedures, risk allocation, commercial issues, competition and GBRs

TBM selection

The selection of a TBM for a given project is a process that requires each party to the project to accept its responsibility in the design, specification, manufacture and performance of the selected TBM

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Procurement and specification of TBMs frequently have the interests of the owner, engineer, contractor and manufacturer at odds with each other, each party requiring or requesting different capabilities to manage their own risk exposures. Bringing all to an aligned approach in the interest of the project as a whole is an agreed goal that has been illusive. Is it a realistic goal is the point of discussion.

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