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28 Jan 2021             ALERT SIGNUP
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Learning from difficult rock TBM drive experiences

Be sure you have insurance built into the machine before heading into a long-distance drive is the advice from Lok Home, President of The Robbins Company

Delusional expectations for difficult drives

Feedback: Fancy geological computer models are no substitute for real site investigation data and lead to poor TBM designs

Planning permission granted for Sydney Harbour link

Construction of the Western Harbour immersed tube link under Sydney Harbour is approved by the New South Wales Government

Stonehenge progress despite legal challenge

Procurement of the Stonehenge twin-tube road tunnel in the UK continues despite the legal challenge to its planning approval


Geotechnical reports are an important part of TBM project procurement, of machine specifications and of TBM project success. A growing reliance on more sophisticated geological modelling is no substitute for real site investigation and understanding. Finding the sweet spot between geological modelling and understanding actual ground conditions and behaviour is the challenge.

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Video: MSc route to career underground

Video: Difficult TBM project experiences
Education and Training Focus
ITA-CET online lectures to be held monthly
DFI Educational Trust awards scholarships
UK Warwick MSc course open for 2021
Promoting underground careers
Recent reporting
Two Ontario Line contracts shortlisted
New TBM to finish St Louis CSO drive
Rohtang pushed NATM to the limits
Narragansett Pawtucket CSO contract award
Observational method in civil engineering
Brenner base has geothermal potential
Melamchi water project enters test phase
Contract awarded for Grand Paris Line 16
TfL awards road network contracts
Finest Bay sets up research centre
Funds secured for Alexandria CSO project
New proposal for Irish Sea rail crossing
Update on Panama Metro Line 3
Rail highway underpass ready in Ontario
Yellow River crossing in Jinan completed
Metro sea crossing completed in Dailan
New proposal for Hainan fixed link
Hong Kong site hit by second outbreak
Atlanta water supply project completed
Contract award for UK high-speed rail
Service structures for Grand Paris Metro
Lining complete for Thames Tideway shaft

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