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29 Apr 2021             ALERT SIGNUP

Stacked drifts as presupport

Stacked drifts as a method of large excavation presupport has been applied to several projects in the past and is being planned for more, each using different designs and sequences

Post Covid recovery for Italy

Politicians and construction leaders consider an infrastructure post Covid economic recovery for Italy during breakthrough celebrations on the Terzo Valico high speed railway

Communication and safety

Strata Worldwide has established the Strata Tunnelling division to develop a presence in the industry for its communications, safety and ground support systems

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Stacked drifts are an optimum safety option for situations where surface settlement and excavation control of large caverns is a high risk. Evaluating the risk and justifying the additional costs and assessing the risks posed by the staked drifts themselves is a discussion for the designers, contractors and their risk assessment studies.

Yesterday, 28 April, was World Safety and Health at Work Day. Compliance with guidelines, codes of practice and government legislation as well as sharing lessons learnt and developing systems and equipment that improve safety all go towards protecting the welfare of underground workers.

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Safety: Safe high-pressure hose management

A new hose management system is introduced to improve the safe application of high compressed air pressure hoses

Safety: Supporting safety awareness

Creating a central library of information with the aim of improving awareness of the health, safety and wellbeing of all who work in the tunnelling industry

Safety: Improving safety for hyperbaric interventions

An automated system for improved monitoring and safety of workers entering the compressed air chamber to perform maintenance and repair

Safety: PPE last line of defence

Personal protective equipment (PPE) should be the last resort for safeguarding the occupational health of workers in the workplace

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TBM inaugurated for Auckland Rail Link
Stockholm Metro Blue Line award
Gibraltar Strait fixed link discussed
Extension for Sofia Metro third line
Contract awarded for Jakarta MRT
Crossing Irish valley to preserve nature
Finland and Estonia tighten cooperation
Final breakthrough at Washington DC CSO
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Metro station turns into art museum
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Radioactive waste research laboratory
Tsurumi makes moving materials easier
Search for water mains with SmartBall
EWE to explore hydrogen storage
Balfour Beatty creates carbon calculator

Video: Badaling station excavation, China

Podcast: Pietro Salini WTC2019 Keynote

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