Rapid repair for underwater concrete 14 Dec 2017

NRD News Release

Advancements in concrete manufacture has produced more durable compounds. This is good news for the construction of new tunnels and underground structures, but deterioration of old concrete linings and structures is still a problem and replacement can be costly and time consuming.

Application of Kalmatron concrete repair
Application of Kalmatron concrete repair

US distributor NRD industries has introduced a series of new products to the market which are able to perform concrete repairs by changing the gel-crystalline ratio in the cement structure to provide greater durability. Produced by Kalmatron Admixtures, the new compounds are designed to upgrade conventional concrete to a high performance that can withstand salted and contaminated aggregates in acidic, ionized, and isotopic environments.

Kalmatron coatings and regenerative sprays can work in harsh environments with extreme temperatures and acidity and Kalmatron KF-C is a fast hardening plug compound that can plug leaks in 30 seconds underwater under pressure up to 19 bar. All materials are non toxic, inflammable and non explosive and require no drilling, routing or sealants.

The compounds are superior to shotcreting fibers that can result in shrinkage, cracking and can clog hoses and nozzles.

“With 40% saving per square foot, no curing required after application, high resistance to corrosion, adhesion to any material, short application time and competitive pricing, we cannot afford to work without Kalmatron,” said a spokesman at Los Angeles Water and Power Department, their largest customer.


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