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herrenknechT AG | uTILITy TunneLLInG | TrAFFIc TunneLLInG
Ø 12.86m
Shanghai Ø 15.43m
Ø 15.55m
Mechanized tunnelling technology for all ground conditions
Traffic as well as supply and disposal infrastructures
Diameters from 0.10 to 19m Around 375 kilometers of tunnel with diameters >10 meters
Construction companies have successfully excavated some 375 kilometers of tunnel worldwide in about 100 projects, using Herrenknecht machines with diameters of more than 10 meters. Multi-lane road tunnels, railway tunnels and expansive metro lines provide sufficient capacities for efficient transport systems.
The world’s two largest Mixshields (Ø 15.43m) have built a double-tube, combined road and metro tunnel beneath the Yangtze River in Shanghai. One of the two machines is currently being re-used. Together with a smaller Mixshield (Ø14.90m), this giant is currently excavating two double-tube road tunnels beneath the Huangpu River. The tunnels will connect the districts of Baoshan and Pudong as well as Minhang and Fengxian. As part of these projects, a total of around 25 kilometers of tunnel with mega-diameters are being built.
For the Miami Port Tunnel, Herrenknecht delivered the largest tunnel boring machine ever employed in loose rock in the USA. The construction crews celebrated the breakthrough of the first tunnel by the Herrenknecht EPB Shield S-600 (Ø 12.86m) in Florida on July 31, 2012.
The world’s largest tunnel boring machine, the EPB Shield (Ø15.55m), is in operation con- structing the Sparvo road tunnel in Italy quickly and safely. The first, around 2.5 kilometer long XXL tube was completed with daily top performances of up to 22 meters on July 26, 2012.
As the only company worldwide, Herrenknecht AG delivers tunnel boring machines for all ground conditions and in all diameters. The Herrenknecht product range includes tailor-made machines for transport tunnels, supply and disposal tunnels as well as additional equipment and service packages.
Herrenknecht AG
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