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ITA reports and pAublications
s part of their work, the Working
Groups and Committees of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) publish reports and guidelines that advance the understanding and practice of the technology being studied and developed.
At WTC 2016 in San Francisco, three Working Groups and the ITAtech Committee presented the following five reports.
• WG2: Twenty years of FRC tunnel
segment practice: lessons learned and
proposed design principles
• ITAtech: Guidance for precast fibre
reinforced concrete segments –
Volume 1: design aspects
• WG11: Owners Guide to Immersed
• WG14/19: Recommendations on the
development of underground projects
with respect to the tunnelling method
• ITAtech: Vibration Control in Urban
Drill & Blast Tunnelling
All ITA publications are available as free pdf downloads from the ITA website. n
PJA publishes an introduction to pTipejacking and microtunnelling
he new publication by the Pipe Jacking Association (PJA) is an updated introduction to the pipejacking and microtunnelling methods and technology.
The methods are used extensively for the non-disruptive installation of public utility services and can deliver considerable environmental benefits compared with open-cut pipe installation. Carbon emissions can be reduced by up to 75%, traffic congestion is reduced, and long term damage to existing infrastructure is mostly eliminated.
The new 24 page colour publication provides an overview of pipejacking and its benefits, with more than 50 updated computer graphics and illustrations. Topics covered include applications and benefits, site investigation requirements, design and construction methods, including details of excavation systems available,
jacking pipes, jacking lengths, loads and tolerances. The document can be viewed on the PJA website as a flipbook. A Powerpoint presentation covering the document’s content is also available on the PJA website, which, together with downloadable lecture notes, can form a part of a CPD (continuing
professional development) programme.
Hard printed copies of the publication are
available from the Pipe Jacking Association at a cost of £25 and pdf copies can be downloaded from the website. n
• Pages: 24
• Price: £25
• Ordering:
• ISBN: 978-1-5272-0331-9
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