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Annual Review 2016
2016 events and developments
Published in early 2017, the seventh edition of the TunnelTalk Annual Review records in print the main achievements, developments and activities of 2016. As the only bookshelf reference, the Annual Review yearbook is a summary of reports first published during the year on, the web magazine gateway to coverage of global activity for the engineering, construction and advancement of underground space. is an online magazine written, researched and reported by professional journalists and video reporters. Contributed technical articles from industry engineers and professionals add to a wide resource Archive of industry-specific research, development, discussion and debate. All content in the yearbook journal is supported with more detailed reporting on the web magazine. The references at the foot of every article and the QR codes inserted provide quick links to our comprehensive and free-to-access website library.
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Editorial ContEnt
7 2016: A year of momentous change
18 UK: High-speed rail plans advanced
19 Denmark-Germany: Progress for Fehmarn crossing
20 Qatar: Outstanding Doha Metro achievement
21 Austria-Italy: Brenner prepares final procurement push
22 USA: Steady progress for giant TBM Bertha in Seattle
23 USA: Seattle Sound Transit LRT works
24 USA: Four EPBMs for LA metro extensions
26 USA: Atlanta Metro ventilation rehabilitation
26 USA: East Side Access in final phases
27 USA: Extreme challenge for Rondout bypass
28 USA: Thimble Shoals award
29 USA: Indianapolis CSO program
30 USA: Specialized EPBM for Florida sewer
30 USA: Critical Atlanta water supply project
30 USA: Lighting system for Presidio Parkway
32 USA: DC Water Clean Rivers program progress
34 Canada: Ottawa LRT excavation
34 Canada: Running tunnels completed in Toronto
36 North American Industry News
39 Mexico: Success for first North American Crossover TBM
39 Mexico: Mountain highway
40 ITA celebrates Award winners
42 Sweden: Stockholm bypass appeal
42 Sweden: Gothenburg advances major rail project
43 Sweden: New immersed tunnel for Göteborg
43 Finland: Helsinki cavern excavation
44 Norway: Hard rock TBM works
44 Denmark: All TBM excavation complete on Cityringen metro
45 Norway: TBM tunnelling begins on Follo Line
46 Norway: Prequalification for large Rogfast contracts
46 Norway: Ryfast mega-project breakthroughs
47 Iceland: Extensive grouting programme
48 Italy: Milan-Genoa rail link
49 Italy: Mega-EPBM for highway tunnel
50 Czech Republic: Water-inflow challenges
51 UK: TBM specified for critical Thames highway crossing 52 UK: Potash project secures funding
53 UK: Moving Crossrail 2 towards design
54 UK: Judgement for contractor over Glendoe collapse 54 UK: Water management works in Glasgow
55 European News Briefs
57 European Industry News
61 Saudi Arabia: All TBM drives complete for Riyadh Metro
62 India: Chennai Metro retender
62 India: Works start on Mumbai Metro Line 3 62 India: Lucknow begins metro construction
64 India: Tough TBM drives finish in Bangalore 64 India: Delhi Metro Heritage Line advance 66 India: Headrace challenge for double shield
66 India: TBM rescue for Tapovan hydro challenge
67 Malaysia: Repeat success for KVMRT Line 2
69 Hong Kong: Bypass challenge
70 Hong Kong: Shatin-Central Link
70 Hong Kong: Complex drill+blast highway works
72 Singapore: Drainage and transport plans
73 Thailand: Cable tunnel systems for Bangkok
74 Thailand: Go! for new metro line in Bangkok
74 Thailand: Double shield TBM for water tunnel
75 Australia: Melbourne metro and highway proposals
76 Australia: Brisbane revives Cross River rail project
76 Australia: Contract award and VDMs for Perth rail link
77 Australia: Sydney progresses mega road and rail projects
78 New Zealand: Positive moves for Auckland rail link
78 Laos: Milestone for TBM
78 Japan: Fukuoka sinkhole repair
79 SFRC durability in a chlorinated environment
80 Latest technological developments and innovations
88 Focus on segment gaskets and production
92 News; Conferences; Honours, Awards and Tributes
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Claire Hunt
Peter Kenyon
Julie Burchell
Patrick Reynolds
Armand van Wijck
Maurice Jones
Mark Charles (Video Editor)
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