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Hydro diversion tunnel failure review
Damage caused by collapse of the diversion tunnel around the Ituango hydropower dam and underground powerhouse construction site has resulted in the largest ever insurance loss claim in the history of the international construction industry at about USD$4 billion and has demanded investigations into the root causes
Publication Date: Oct 2020 | Author: Dean Brox, Independent Consultant, Canada
Rock mechanics and nuclear waste disposal
Rock mechanics research and characterization studies are needed both in-situ and in the laboratory to assist in the siting and design of nuclear waste repositories
Publication Date: Jul 2020 | Author: Nick Barton, Independent Consultant
Single-shell lining design and advantages
The single-shell alternative to the double-shell permanent lining design for underground excavations in rock, offers significant savings in construction time and cost and reduces the consumption of concrete in efforts to lower the carbon footprint and increase sustainability of the underground construction industry
Publication Date: Feb 2020 | Author: Nick Barton
Late finish on tough Norway road project
Norway finishes road tunnel challenge in Bergenørn-Rådal-road-tunnels.php
Publication Date: Aug 2019 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Judgment for contractor over Glendoe collapse
Scottish court rules against power utility SSE in its claim against contractor Hochtief over the Glendoe hydro project tunnel collapse
Publication Date: Jan 2017 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Canada salutes Canadian achievements
Canada salutes Canadian achievements
Publication Date: Nov 2013 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Defining NMT as part of the NATM SCL debate
The Norwegian Method of Tunnelling (NMT) has its origin mostly from Scandinavia. Numerous case records, eventually more than 1,250, were finally mostly from Norway, with many early cases from Sweden. It is this (and numerous single-shell caverns from other countries too) that stimulated the original development of the Q-system of rock mass classification and the tunnel support class definition.
Publication Date: Sep 2012 | Author: Nick Barton, International tunnelling consultant, Oslo/SãoPaulo
Nick Barton Mueller Award - TunnelTalk
Dr Nick Barton is selected as the recipient of the distinguished Müller Award, an award that honours the memory of Professor Leopold Müller, the founder of the ISRM (International Society of Rock Mechanics) and in recognition of distinguished contributions to the profession of rock mechanics and rock engineering.
Publication Date: Nov 2010 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Rock falls shut down Glendoe power plant
Power generation at Scotland's new Glendoe hydro scheme is blacked out by a rock fall in the headrace tunnel. A drop in water pressure through the turbine warned of trouble and initiated the shut down and dewatering of the system last week for man-entry inspection.
Publication Date: Aug 2009 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
Rebid reprieve for Seymour-Capilano
Three prequalified consortia are invited to return proposals by next Friday (January 23, 2009) to take over excavation of the twin Seymour-Capilano TBM water tunnel drives in Vancouver, Canada. The prequalified groups prepared to take up from where the previous effort came to a standstill a year ago on 7 January 2008 are:
Publication Date: Jan 2009 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
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