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TBM procurement, risk, and technology advancement
Review and discussion of procurement methods for selecting a project TBM given technology advance, contracting procedures, risk allocation, commercial issues, competition and geotechnical baseline reports
Publication Date: Nov 2020 | Author: John Reilly, Consultant, former President, American Underground Construction Association
Who should choose the TBM?
How to select the right TBM for a TBM project and who should make the decision is a controversial point of debate with new forms of contact providing the best opportunities for the collaborative approach by which all parties ensure a workable risk sharing mechanism
Publication Date: Aug 2020 | Author: Paul Nicholas, AECOM Tunnel Practice Leader - West
Co-Author Nasri Munfah, AECOM Tunnel Practice - Director
TBM selection
The selection of a TBM for a given project is a process that requires each party to the project to accept its responsibility in the design, specification, manufacture and performance of the selected TBM
Publication Date: Aug 2020 | Author: Dean Brox, Independent Consultant, Canada
Equipping TBMs for tough conditions
What more can we learn, can we know, discuss, and understand about the operation of TBMs, it seems – a lot
Publication Date: Nov 2019 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
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