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Getting to the point in China
Chinese manufacturers of rock drills and consumables are competing increasingly in the world market with quality products
Publication Date: Dec 2020 | Author: Roger Murrow reporting for TunnelTalk
Controlling blast vibrations
Practical guidelines for using measurement analysis in the design of charge hole patterns and detonation systems to control blast vibrations
Publication Date: Dec 2020 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Latest in Sandvik rock drilling technology
As a leader in the rock drilling industry, Sandvik updates the latest of its research and development
Publication Date: Dec 2020 | Author: Pekka Nieminen, Director Tunnelling, Sandvik
Artificial intelligence improving drill+blast processes
The iSURE software developed by Sandvik is paving the way to increased quality and decreased cost of drill+blast rock excavation
Publication Date: Nov 2020 | Author: Pekka Nieminen, Director Tunnelling, Sandvik
Explosives for blasting in civil excavations
A review of advances in the art of applying explosives in the civil underground industry where drill+blast remains an essential method for progressing rock excavations
Publication Date: Nov 2020 | Author: Michael Rispin, Vice President, Underground, Dyno Nobel Americas with contributors John MacGregor,
Justin Banks and Tristan Worsey, Dyno Nobel Inc
Machine components arrive for Snowy 2.0
Components for the first of three TBMs for the Snowy 2.0 hydro project have arrived on site for start of TBM excavations
Publication Date: Nov 2020 | Author: Webuild News Release
Chinese jumbos for domestic and overseas markets
Increasing potential in the global market and a growth in drill+blast applications has encouraged more Chinese manufacturers of drilling equipment to promote their machines internationally
Publication Date: Nov 2020 | Author: Roger Murrow for TunnelTalk
Shortlist for start of Sydney Metro West route
Three JVs are selected to bid for construction of the first two packages of the 24km long Metro West underground transit route linking Greater Parramatta and the Sydney city centre
Publication Date: Aug 2020 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Sydney metro buildout projects
With one metro line extension in construction, planning for an additional two is advancing to provide new connectivity from the western suburbs into central Sydney
Publication Date: Jul 2020 | Author: Jonathan Rowland, TunnelTalk
Disposal programme for UK radioactive waste
Three geological formations are being considered for the siting of an underground geological disposal facility in the UK that must have the voluntary agreement of the community bidding to host the facility
Publication Date: Jun 2020 | Author: Ashley Marsh, Department of Materials, Imperial College London; Professor Laurence
Williams OBE, Department of Materials, Imperial College London; Dr James Lawrence,
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London
Global review of hydropower developments
China continues to lead the way in global hydropower development with other regions, particularly South America and other countries of Asia, growing strongly
Publication Date: Mar 2020 | Author: Jonathan Rowland, TunnelTalk
Anglo American confirms offer for Sirius Minerals
Sirius Minerals urges shareholders to accept £405 million Anglo American offer to secure future of UK potash mine
Publication Date: Jan 2020 | Author: Karen Martin, TunnelTalk
Taking the blast out of drill+blast
Researchers at McGill University are investigating the application of soundless chemical demolition agents in mining and tunnelling
Publication Date: Jan 2020 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Funding overshadows progress at UK potash mine
Mining giant Anglo American is in talks with Sirius Minerals regarding a takeover bid that could guarantee the future of its polyhalite mine in Yorkshire
Publication Date: Jan 2020 | Author: Karen Martin, TunnelTalk
Funding overshadows progress at UK potash mine
Sirius Minerals slows pace of UK potash mine project to review options as additional funding is required to continue operations beyond 31 March 2020
Publication Date: Sep 2019 | Author: Karen Martin, TunnelTalk
Latest equipment advances on show at bauma 2019
Each three years, the world of construction equipment, services and materials convenes on the city of Munich in Germany to bring the latest in innovations and developments to the thousands of visitors who attend from the world over
Publication Date: Apr 2019 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Lötschberg plans full rail baseline finish
Swiss plans final excavation and fit-out to fully complete Lötschberg baseline rail tunnelötschberg-plans-full-twin-tube-rail-completion.php
Publication Date: Mar 2019 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Race on for undersea Rogfast lots in Norway
Race begins for first undersea contracts for the Rogfast project in Norway
Publication Date: Jan 2019 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Milestone advance on Stuttgart-Ulm rail links
Milestone breakthroughs advance progress on the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project in Germany
Publication Date: Jul 2018 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
TBM developments a main focus at NAT
Presentations of high standard detail and composition provoked interesting Q&A audience participation within each of the technical sessions at the NAT conference in Washington DC in June 2018
Publication Date: Jun 2018 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Appeal overturn of original Glendoe collapse ruling
Scottish court rules for utility SSE in Glendoe tunnel collapse appeal against contractor Hochtief
Publication Date: Apr 2018 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Promises and plans for US public infrastructure
A plan to advance US$1.5 trillion was put forward by President Trump in his first State of the Union address in 2018 to “rebuild our crumbling infrastructure”
Publication Date: Feb 2018 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Dubai destination for WTC2018 delegates
The United Arab Emirates will host the World Tunnel Congress for 2018 in Dubai in April
Publication Date: Jan 2018 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
A look back on 2017 as an in-between year
A look back on 2017 as a year of low profile, heads down progress
Publication Date: Dec 2017 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Swiss spotlight refurbishment and upgrades
Rail and road tunnel rehabilitation and upgrades is focus for colloquium at Swiss Tunnelling Society gathering in 2017
Publication Date: Jun 2017 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Pre-excavation grouting – a Nordic focus
Pre-excavation grouting processes and challenges with jacking were highlighted at the 2016 Nordic Grouting Symposium in Oslo, Norway
Publication Date: Jun 2017 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Bids in for latest lot on Brenner Baseline
Brenner Base Tunnel gets five bids for Pfons-Brenner Lot, sees Mules 2-3 works ramp up
Publication Date: May 2017 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Roadheader solutions in focus
Tunnel excavation using roadheaders offers high precision and cost effective excavation of soft to medium strength rock with as a preferred alternative to high cost of mobilising TBMs and on projects where drill+blast is restricted
Publication Date: May 2017 | Author: Roger Murrow for TunnelTalk
Major bid call underway for Brenner Baseline
Procurement plans advance for last major tunnel lots at Brenner Base Tunnel
Publication Date: Feb 2017 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
TBM rescue for Tapovan hydro challenge
Seli Overseas is hired to recover TBM tunnelling and complete challenging headrace excavation for the delayed Tapovan Vishnugad hydro project in India
Publication Date: Dec 2016 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Reflecting on 2015
Reflecting on 2015
Publication Date: Dec 2015 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
Rock mechanics mix with civils in Salzburg
Numbers swelled at the 64th annual staging of the Salzburg Colloquium of the Austrian Society of Geomechanics when it hosted also the 2015 Eurock regional symposium of the ISRM and broadened the field of presentations and interests to include deep mining excavations and high slope stabilisation efforts
Publication Date: Oct 2015 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Collapse and flooding delay progress in Iceland
Vadlaheidi road tunnel in Iceland has suffered a collapse and flood on the drill+blast heading from the east, forcing contractor Osafl to return to tunnelling operations from the opposite portal where once again it faces major challenges posed by geothermal inflows and hot rocks
Publication Date: Jun 2015 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Making supply chain connections at RETC
The 2015 session of the RETC series of conferences, this year in New Orleans, Louisiana, once again came up trumps with more than 1,200 delegates, a program of technical presentations that shared specific knowledge, new techniques and lessons learned and an exhibition of more than 150 booths that presented the opportunity to interact with all levels of the tunneling industry supply chain
Publication Date: Jun 2015 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Successes prompt buoyant mood for RETC2015
RETC 2015 Conference Schedule and Technical Program
Publication Date: May 2015 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Implenia completes Bilfinger acquisition
Implenia of Switzerland acquires Bilfinger SE Construction Division, including its entire portfolio of tunnel construction projects. Implenia will use the acquisition to target core markets in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia.
Publication Date: Mar 2015 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
Promoting the underground and meeting demand
As the tunnelling industry pushes at its own boundaries, demand is expanding dramatically placing pressure on industry resources, in particular on new talent and increased human resources and manpower
Publication Date: Jan 2015 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Battling geothermal challenges in Iceland
Tunnellers are facing widely varied geological challenges on the Nordfjordur and Vadlaheidi road tunnel projects in Iceland. At Vadlaheidi construction on the east tunnel is stalled while solutions are investigated for dealing with geothermal challenges including hot water inflows and hot rocks. At Nordfjordur weak tuff geology is slowing drill+blast advance rates
Publication Date: Nov 2014 | Author: Patrick Reynolds, TunnelTalk
Mega-projects in focus at BTS Conference
UK BTS Conference 2014
Publication Date: Oct 2014 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
Bilfinger is involved in Gotthard base tunnel construction
German construction company Bilfinger announces sale of its civil engineering operations and will cease activities in the road and rail civil tunnelling sector
Publication Date: Jun 2014 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
Preparing for prospects in 2014
High speed rail, metros, long distance mountain drives and undersea links are all on the agenda for planning and progressing through 2014
Publication Date: Jan 2014 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Optimum advance for long distance TBM drives
International consultant Dr Nick Barton provides feedback on the concept being developed by Norwegian engineers and institutions to use long distance TBM drives under the sea to develop off-shore oilfields and replace the current oil platform technology
Publication Date: Jan 2014 | Author: Dr Nick Barton, Nick Barton & Associates
Conferencing: the value and the competition
Over recent times, there have been a crop of new conferences in the tunnelling industry that join the heavyweights in the existing annual conference event calendar, some are truly boutique, addressing a single issue at a time and others have aspiration of becoming a heavyweight themselves
Publication Date: Nov 2013 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunelTalk
bauma 2013 bonanza!
More visitors than ever, more exhibitors than ever, more international interest than ever are statistics that confirm a major success for bauma 2013
Publication Date: Apr 2013 | Author: Shani Wallis and Binda Punj, TunnelTalk
2012 in retrospect
Major projects progress in 2012
Publication Date: Dec 2012 | Author: Peter Kenyon, TunnelTalk
Spotlight on Canada
The TAC 2012 conference in Montreal highlighted a tunnelling market that is expanding significantly both across the country and across the different purposes - from transit to hydro, water supply to sewerage billions of investment is in the pipeline as several conference presenters confirmed
Publication Date: Oct 2012 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Geotechnical concerns for deep mountain drives
TBM innovation holds the key to successful deep rock tunnel excavation crossing of the Himalayas where active stress rates and adverse conditions challenge all tunneling methods
Publication Date: May 2012 | Author: Dr Trevor G. Carter, Golder Associates, Toronto, Canada
2011 in retrospect
2011 opened with floods threatening the underground infrastructure and construction sites in Brisbane, Australia, and closes with floods inundating large swaths of Bangkok city in Thailand and flash floods wiping out thousands of lives and the fabric of rural and village infrastructure in the Philippines. The worst of all natural disasters in the year was the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated the east coast of Japan in March and led to one of the worst nuclear accidents of all time when the Fukushima Daiichi plant failed as a result.
Publication Date: Dec 2011 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Speedrods for longer service life
Fewer rod changes make for higher productivity
Publication Date: Sep 2011 | Author: Altas Copco Secoroc News Release
Norwegian expansion for BASF
Under an investment of almost €1 million, BASF Construction Chemicals has built a new production plant for admixtures at its factory at Granerud in Nord-Odal, Norway. The new plant will produce alkali-free accelerators to meet a strong growth in demand following launch of a new environmentally friendly alkali-free accelerator for sprayed concrete at the beginning of 2010. The investment anticipates future volume demand as well as improving BASF competitiveness in the Norwegian market and enabling a higher level of service and product availability The company will also take on more staff starting with three new employees to operate the new plant, which is to be operational in the first quarter of 2011.
Publication Date: Mar 2011 | Author: Jon Ola Stokke, Business Line Manager, BASF
Final finish for Gotthard Baseline excavation
Some 15 years after excavations began, creation of the underground space that is the 57km long twin-tube railway passage through the base of the Gotthard Massif of the Swiss Alps is complete. On Wednesday last week (March 24, 2011), the last of more than 28 million tonne of rock was transported out from deep inside the mountain to mark the end of mammoth journey for men and machinery; for managers and politicians.
Publication Date: Mar 2011 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
ITA post congress analysis
The buzz in the corridors was positive; the talk of big projects moving ahead, immanent; progress of major projects worldwide, reported; and space for exhibitors was sold out long ago. Being at the ITA conference last week in Budapest was another exercise in asking; 'so where is this global recession?' Despite prefaces from several speakers about the dire affects of over-reactive tightening of credit by self-inflicted over-extension by banks - the need to build underground infrastructure is at record highs and now is the right time to get these projects into construction, while supply-line indices are down. Most countries in the world are programming many billions of capital investment to provide the groundwork for the cities and societies in which we will live in the near future. TunnelTalk was among the many who travelled to Budapest for the Association's 35th General Assembly, congress and exhibition, to report the major developments and topics of discussion.
Publication Date: Jun 2009 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
Programme challenges at Bogong
In the last of a series of site visit articles to McConnell Dowell projects we report on the current status of the Bogong hydropower project in Victoria, Australia. TBM excavation of the headrace tunnel and drill+blast work at the power station end is progressing towards an earlier than programmed completion. The project is supported by a legacy established back in the mid-1990s when the company achieved record setting rates on a TBM drive through the Blue Mountains near Sydney - records that still stand today. Together with the Bogong project, the company is completing the Hobson Bay sewer tunnel project in Auckland, New Zealand; recently launched an EPBM for the Rosedale undersea effluent outfall also in Auckland; and achieved industry recognition for its access tunnel and development works contract at the new Pike River coal mine on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Inland. These new projects are each contributing to the company’s expanding portfolio of experience and to establishing its reputation as a principle tunnelling contractor in the Pacific Rim region.
Publication Date: Mar 2009 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
Design considerations on approach to Brenner Baseline high-speed rail connection in Austria
A €2 billion, 40km section of new twin-track railway through the Lower Inn Valley towards the Austrian portals of the proposed Brenner Baseline tunnel connection to Italy, is built almost entirely underground. TunnelTalk travelled to Innsbruck to appreciate the undertaking and know how the project has influenced the criteria for design of future high-speed rail tunnels in Austria.
Publication Date: Feb 2008 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
Final account on the Sydney Alliance
Alliance procurement of the Northside Storage Tunnel project in Sydney, Australia to capture and retain sewage surcharges until pumped through the North Head treatment plant succeeded in delivering 20km of interceptor sewer and two underground pumping stations within two years and nine months, before the start of the Sydney Olympic Games in September 2000
Publication Date: Nov 2002 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
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