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A prospective for 2021 and beyond
Climate change and pandemic consequences are providing a road map for development of the industry into the future with the ITA market survey indicating the global trends
Publication Date: Jan 2021 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
A grim 2020 that will not be forgotten
There is only one story to describe the year of 2020 and that is Covid and its pandemic impact on the social life, the industry and the world wide economy
Publication Date: Dec 2020 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
USA nuclear waste options undermined by politics
Yucca Mountain is known as the most investigated piece of real estate in the world but the journey towards development of an underground repository for high level spent nuclear fuel waste is no closer that it was 70 years ago
Publication Date: Jul 2020 | Author: Wade Tyler Millward, USA Correspondent, TunnelTalk
Excavation and operation of Hungary repository
Hungary is one of the first countries of the world to operate a purpose designed and built repository for low and medium level nuclear wasteátaapáti-low-and-medium-level-nuclear-waste-repository.php
Publication Date: Jul 2020 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Rock mechanics and nuclear waste disposal
Rock mechanics research and characterization studies are needed both in-situ and in the laboratory to assist in the siting and design of nuclear waste repositories
Publication Date: Jul 2020 | Author: Nick Barton, Independent Consultant
Russia to improve nuclear waste management
Russian government is designing a package of measures, aimed at improving the current system of nuclear waste management
Publication Date: Jun 2020 | Author: Eugene Gerden for TunnelTalk
Global dilemma of nuclear waste management
As the accumulation of nuclear waste increases worldwide, programmes for the safe, long-term underground management and storage of the waste remains interminably stalled or progressing frustratingly slowly
Publication Date: Jun 2020 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Activities for nuclear waste disposal development
Extensive underground laboratories continuing geological study of potential sites in several countries for the long-term disposal facilities of high-level, long-lived radioactive waste
Publication Date: Jun 2020 | Author: John C H Lindberg FRSA, World Nuclear Association, UK
Public debate to progress nuclear waste options
For nuclear power to maintain its social license to operate, the technical and political decisions surrounding radioactive waste management must be resolved
Publication Date: Jun 2020 | Author: John C H Lindberg FRSA, World Nuclear Association
Disposal programme for UK radioactive waste
Three geological formations are being considered for the siting of an underground geological disposal facility in the UK that must have the voluntary agreement of the community bidding to host the facility
Publication Date: Jun 2020 | Author: Ashley Marsh, Department of Materials, Imperial College London; Professor Laurence
Williams OBE, Department of Materials, Imperial College London; Dr James Lawrence,
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London
Obituary - Dr Harvey Weston Parker 1936 - 2020
Few in the industry will be unaware of Harvey Parker, as his contributions and experiences were broad and his engagements international and varied
Publication Date: May 2020 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Coronavirus pandemic pauses many projects
The impact of the coronavirus pandemic of early 2020 has caused a pause on many projects of the world
Publication Date: Mar 2020 | Author: Patrick Reynolds for TunnelTalk
Hagerbach celebrates 50 years of innovation
Hagerbach Test Gallery celebrates 50 years of innovation
Publication Date: Jan 2020 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Road to litigation and possible bypasses
Litigation is acknowledged as a last resort for settling disputes in the industry but what is it that drives the parties to litigation when all starts out so positively and the best of all possible alternatives in the contract have been considered, assessed, evaluated and agreed ahead of signing the contract
Publication Date: Jan 2020 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Underground excavation wish list
If productivity could be increased and cost decreased, and if tunnel length was no issue, where would you suggest building underground facilities and tunnels
Publication Date: Jan 2020 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Obituary - James Monsees Died 5 August 2019
Leading USA tunneling engineer, James Monsees, remembered well for his career with the Parsons Brinckerhoff engineering practice in New York City and as its Technical Director for Underground Structures, died on 5 August 2019
Publication Date: Aug 2019 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Skills support for young professionals in the USA
The UCA Young Member Committee presents training and networking opportunities for students and young professionals
Publication Date: Jan 2019 | Author: UCA News Release
Shotcrete training offered to Swedish unemployed
Training company Edvirt is training 10 unemployed citizens of Gothenburg to fill skills gap
Publication Date: Jan 2019 | Author: Edvirt News Release
Chinese rock drills and consumables
Improvements to Chinese manufacturing capabilities are rapidly resulting in offerings that match the output of western manufacturers
Publication Date: Nov 2018 | Author: Roger Murrow for TunnelTalk
All set for WTC Dubai
As the premier event of the global underground space industry each year, all is set for a World Tunnel Congress and exhibition in Dubai to update all delegates with the very latest in industry news and developments
Publication Date: Apr 2018 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
WTC 2018 short course programme and focus
WTC 2018 short course programme and focus
Publication Date: Feb 2018 | Author: ITACET News Release
Preparing for prospects in 2014
High speed rail, metros, long distance mountain drives and undersea links are all on the agenda for planning and progressing through 2014
Publication Date: Jan 2014 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Excavation advances nuclear research
Contractors Strabag and Destia Oy utilise Sandvik jumbos to complete underground excavations at nuclear research facilities in Finland and Sweden
Publication Date: May 2013 | Author: Sandvik News Release
2013 in perspective
A look into 2013 for the international tunnelling community, highlighting the major projects to be advanced and the principal technical developments to be progressed
Publication Date: Jan 2013 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Spotlight on Canada
The TAC 2012 conference in Montreal highlighted a tunnelling market that is expanding significantly both across the country and across the different purposes - from transit to hydro, water supply to sewerage billions of investment is in the pipeline as several conference presenters confirmed
Publication Date: Oct 2012 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
In search of resilient cities
The world's population is on a vast urban migration to super-sized megalopolises. By 2050, an estimated 70% of the world's people will live in urban areas, up from the current 50% recorded in 2010. Developing the infrastructure to accommodate such huge populations and provide urbanization that is effective, adequate and sustainable is the task of city planners and engineers. At the 2011 ITA World Tunnel Congress in Helsinki the Association's Committee on Underground Space (ITACUS) staged the opening event of a global initiative to promote the use of underground space as a crucial element in the quest for building sustainable cities that are resilient to both the natural and man-induced disasters that are likely to confront them. TunnelTalk Editor Shani Wallis reflects on the ITACUS Open Session in Helsinki and looks ahead to Bangkok 2012 where the debate will continue.
Publication Date: Dec 2011 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Consolidation to capture strength and growth
It could be the way of the world for getting through these strange times. On the one hand there is an economic squeeze which is rebalancing the world’s financial systems, while on the other there is a tunnelling market that is booming. To manage both, we are seeing acquisitions and buyouts among the big-hitters in the tunnelling industry.
Publication Date: Oct 2011 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
UK MSc course for masters in tunnelling
The University of Warwick in the UK is set to launch in September its first year of a new Masters degree course in tunnelling and underground construction.
Publication Date: Jul 2011 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Short sighted Yucca Mountain shutdown
Wrestling over the fate of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in the United States continues with the Governmental Accountability Office claiming some failings in the Department of Energy's rapid shutdown of the scheme, problems for any restart, and its call for a new agency to take over the national reins. Patrick Reynolds reports on developments.
Publication Date: Jun 2011 | Author: Patrick Reynolds, Freelance Reporter
Nick Barton Mueller Award - TunnelTalk
Dr Nick Barton is selected as the recipient of the distinguished Müller Award, an award that honours the memory of Professor Leopold Müller, the founder of the ISRM (International Society of Rock Mechanics) and in recognition of distinguished contributions to the profession of rock mechanics and rock engineering.
Publication Date: Nov 2010 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
UCA of SME 2010 awards of recognition
On the occasion of the 2010 NAT conference in Portland in June, the UCA of SME presented its awards of distinction at the Awards Banquet on Tuesday evening, June 22. The awards are presented in recognition of outstanding individual and group achievements that represent the highest levels of commitment and expertise that have come to symbolize the vitality of UCA of SME as a professional society.
Publication Date: Jul 2010 | Author: UCA of SME News Release
Move to bury Yucca nuclear waste repository
The US Department of Energy (DoE) has moved to pull its licence application to excavate a deep repository for nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Congress however is yet to kill off the project legally and opposition to the Federal move continues from different states and industry bodies.
Publication Date: Mar 2010 | Author: Patrick Reynolds, Freelance Reporter
ITA post congress analysis
The buzz in the corridors was positive; the talk of big projects moving ahead, immanent; progress of major projects worldwide, reported; and space for exhibitors was sold out long ago. Being at the ITA conference last week in Budapest was another exercise in asking; 'so where is this global recession?' Despite prefaces from several speakers about the dire affects of over-reactive tightening of credit by self-inflicted over-extension by banks - the need to build underground infrastructure is at record highs and now is the right time to get these projects into construction, while supply-line indices are down. Most countries in the world are programming many billions of capital investment to provide the groundwork for the cities and societies in which we will live in the near future. TunnelTalk was among the many who travelled to Budapest for the Association's 35th General Assembly, congress and exhibition, to report the major developments and topics of discussion.
Publication Date: Jun 2009 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
Big wins and major losses for industry as it gathers for RETC in Las Vegas
Click the number to find the stand
Publication Date: Jun 2009 | Author: TunnelTalk Team
Yucca Mountain all but scrapped
Making good on a campaign promise, President Obama's proposed budget has all but killed Yucca Mountain as a national underground repository for nuclear waste.
Publication Date: Mar 2009 | Author: Shani Wallis, Editor
Yucca Mountain all but scrapped
Following 20 years of intense study, Yucca Mountain in Nevada has been recommended to the US Congress as the site for long term management and underground storage of the country's growing stockpiles of high-level radioactive nuclear waste. In February 2002, the Secretary of Energy recommended to the President that Yucca Mountain be developed as the first US repository for spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste. Endorsement the day after by President Bush launched the project on what will remain a long road to gaining Congressional approval and obtaining the many necessary permits before construction of the facility can continue and storage of the waste can begin.
Publication Date: May 2002 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnellTalk
Obituary - David Lawrence – 1948 – 2015
By Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
David Lawrence, an engineer and contract manager who began his professional career in South Africa before transferring to the UK for management of several projects, including the Dublin Port highway tunnel in Ireland, died in early July 2015
Author: David Lawrence – 1948 – 2015
By Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
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