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Two generations of tunnelling at Herrenknecht
Martin Herrenknecht and successor and son Martin-Devid talk to international journalist Roland Herr about the future of Herrenknecht
Publication Date: Sep 2018 | Author: Roland Herr for TunnelTalk
Rastatt status one year after the collapse
In the year since the unprecedented disruption caused by the Rastatt rail tunnel collapse in August 2017 in Germany, surface rail services resumed within weeks and work has progressed to build the new high speed railway tunnels underneath the main line, although the leading TBM remains entombed in concrete and the trailing TBM remains on hold ahead of making its passage under the surface rail tracks
Publication Date: Sep 2018 | Author: Roland Herr for TunnelTalk
TBM developments a main focus at NAT
Presentations of high standard detail and composition provoked interesting Q&A audience participation within each of the technical sessions at the NAT conference in Washington DC in June 2018
Publication Date: Jun 2018 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
A look back on 2017 as an in-between year
A look back on 2017 as a year of low profile, heads down progress
Publication Date: Dec 2017 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
Germany reviews its underground activity
An review of the Rastatt collapse event, an annular fill to provide a drainage layer, a full session on tunnel operations plus an exhibition of more than 200 exhibitors and social networking were all part of the 2017 STUVA conference experience
Publication Date: Dec 2017 | Author: Roland Herr for TunnelTalk
STUVA to convene in Stuttgart for 2O17
STUVA, the premium biennial conference in Germany, to convene in 2017 in Stuttgart
Publication Date: Oct 2017 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Further feedback on the Rastatt tunnel collapse
and failure of its segmental lining
In addition to further Feedback comments and thoughts about the TBM tunnel collapse of the Rastatt rail tunnel in Germany on the TunnelTalk Feedback page, further comments and thoughts are added to this Discussion Forum article about the collapse from the TunnelTalk social media accounts
Publication Date: Sep 2017 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Rastatt collapse raises a list of queries and concerns
Collapse of the rail underpass using a TBM of near 10m diameter at just 4m under the rail corridor and supported with horizontal ground freezing has shaken the industry and has raised real concern for a thorough and open investigation with the investigation report shared and distributed widely to ensure lessons are learned
Publication Date: Aug 2017 | Author: TunnelTalk reporting
Ground freezing TBM drive collapse in Germany
Failure of a ground freezing operation is associated with collapse of a heading of the twin tube TBM rail tunnel in Rastatt, Germany, halting rail traffic on the main freight and passenger Rhine Valley rail lines between Karlsruhe and Basel in Switzerland above and demanded the filling of the new tunnel beneath with concrete to stabilise the situation and burying the TBM in the process and initiating an immediate investigation into the causes and the implications for insurance coverage and cost
Publication Date: Aug 2017 | Author: Shani Wallis, TunnelTalk
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