Request for Qualifications – Construction and Construction Management
Los Angeles County Effluent Outfall Tunnel Project

Requests for qualification for the construction and construction management service for the Joint Water Pollution Control Plant Effluent Outfall Tunnel Project in Los Angeles County, California, USA are formally invited.
Project Scope: Construction of approximately 7 miles of 18ft i.d. precast concrete segmentally lined tunnel from a single heading with a pressurized face TBM and all appurtenant works.
Owner: County Sanitation District No 2 of Los Angeles County
Prequalification - Contractor:
All bidders on the Project must be prequalified prior to submitting a bid. It is mandatory that all contractors who intend to submit a bid fully complete the prequalification questionnaire, provide all materials requested, and be approved by the District to be included on the final qualified bidders list. No bid will be accepted from a contractor that has failed to comply with these requirements. The last date to submit a fully completed package is February 28, 2017 at 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time.
Contact Kelly Lewis to obtain the prequalification package:
Tel: +1 562 908 4288, ext 1608
Contact Calvin Jin with queries regarding the prequalification package:
Tel: +1 562 908 4288, ext 1601
The bidding phase of the project will be determined following contractor prequalification.
Prequalification - Construction Management:
The District is seeking an engineering consultant to provide construction management services for the construction of the Project. The consultant will provide key engineering and inspection staff to supplement the District’s Field Engineering Section to manage all aspects of the tunneling construction. Interested firms should reply to the Request for Qualifications with a Statement of Qualification that must be received no later than 11:00am Pacific Standard Time on January 31, 2017.
Contact Kelly Lewis to obtain the RFQ package:
Tel: +1 562 908 4288, ext 1608
Contact Russ Vakharia with questions regarding the Construction Management RFQ package:
Tel: Tel: +1 310 830 8050, ext 5820
The request for proposals for construction management services will be determined following the consultant prequalification phase.