Hall of Fame recognition
Hall of Fame recognition Jan 2009
As the first acting founder and head of a family enterprise in Germany, Dr. Martin Herrenknecht has been honored in the renowned Handelsblatt business journal's Hall of Fame. The jury, consisting of 11 members, welcomed him into the Handelsblatt Hall of Fame for German Entrepreneurship. This is the first time the award has been granted to seven entrepreneurial pioneers in Germany.
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Dr. Martin Herrenknecht inducted to the Handelsblatt Hall of Fame

At the beginning of the award ceremony in Munich, Bernd Ziesemer, Chief Editor of the Handelsblatt, said: "Our Hall of Fame should pay tribute to the performances of outstanding entrepreneurs who have worked hard to benefit Germany as a business location. Laureates are to be honored in this symbolic Hall of Fame who not only act as role models, but also provide orientation for others with their service to their enterprises and to society. For us, this is a matter of great importance, especially during the difficult times the German business world is now facing."
In his speech, Professor Dr. Horst Wildemann, Chair for Business Management at the Munich Technical University and member of the jury of the Handelsblatt Award, said of honouring Martin Herrenknecht with the award: "Entrepreneurs of his kind are more valuable for Germany than raw material deposits. Germany is fortunate that there are several hundred entrepreneurs in medium-sized businesses who persistently run high risks, work their whole lives for their ideas and thus ensure income and employment in the country."
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Hall of Fame prize

On receiving his award, Dr. Martin Herrenknecht said that honor and fame were not the main driving forces for German entrepreneurs. "We are completely satisfied and happy if we are able to demonstrate freely and unrestrictedly that we are among the top in our respective fields of activity worldwide." And if this occasionally enjoys the appropriate recognition in society - then all the better.
Martin Herrenknecht thanked his family, the company employees and members of the staff as well as his fellow members in the company management board, - Gebhard Lehmann, Kurt Stiefel and Werner Suhm - all of whom contribute together to support him in being a successful entrepreneur.
Furthermore, he pointed out: "Despondency and constant negativism - attitudes which unfortunately abound today - are not recipes which are of much use to us in the future. Providing young and ambitious junior staff with the opportunities for a successful future is the best prerequisite for achieving prosperity within society and in a country. I hope that we are making exactly this kind of contribution with our 178 trainees and 1,800 members of staff at our location in Schwanau."
The Handelsblatt business journal's Hall of Fame
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