Accolades & Tributes
Accolades & Tributes

Obituaries & Tributes

Franz Pacher 1919 – March 2018
Walter Christian Grantz 1929 – March 2018
David Donaldson Died March 2018
Terry Hulme 1929 - March 2017
Bill Leech 1947 - January 2016
Bradford Townsend 1955 - 2015
Andy Miller 1945 - 2015
Lorenz Nummsen 1959 - 2015
James McKelvey 1954 - 2015
David Lawrence 1948 - 2015
Hugh O'Donnell August 1945 – July 2015
Mott MacDonald engineers in early 2015
John Hawley, Jeff Turnball, Graham Shutter
John King, OBE 1926 - 2015
Bryan Spud Taylor 1936 - 2014
Jim Buchanan 1924 - 2014
Bill Quick 1933 - 2013
Arthur Moss 1945 - 2013
John Keys 1962 - 2013
Siegmund Babendererde 1927 - 2012
William D Kennedy 1943 - 2012
Dave Fisher 1945 - 2011
Tommy Talbott 1932 - 2011
Peter McCann 1931 - 2011
Dru Desai 1940 - 2010
Joseph L. Abbott, Jr. Died 14 September 2010
Allan G. - Al Provost 1936 - 2010
James Wilton 1926 - 2010
Thomas R. Kuesel 1926 - 2010
Dr. Prof. Z. Dan Eisenstein 1936 - 2009
Dr. Ing. Tor L. Brekke 1934 - 2009
Sir Alan Muir Wood 1921 - 2009
Donald C. Rose 1933 - 2008
Robert J. Jenny 1932 - 2008
Dr. Ralph B. Peck 1912 - 2008
Robert A. Pond 1941 - 2008

Honours & Awards

Canada salutes top class engineering
Award for driller at UK Potash mine
Winners of the 2018 ITA Awards
Excellence in the 2018 ITA Awards shortlist
Design-build award for McMillen Jacobs president
ITA invites nominations for 2018 Awards
Winners of the 2017 ITA Awards
Canada rewards national achievements
UK honours decades of tunnelling expertise
High honour for metro director in Malaysia
Pipeline award for geotechnical engineer
Shortlisted nominations for the ITA 2017 Awards
ITA invites nominations for 2017 Awards
Honours for an international tunneller
Microtunneling benchmarks of achievement
UK salutes excellence from across the globe
Fugro GeoServices awarded gold medal
BTS hosts James Clark Medal recipients
Fugro GeoServices awarded gold medal
Winners of the 2016 series of ITA Awards
Canada honours underground achievements
Major projects shortlist for ITA 2016 Awards
DC Water project and chiefs earn honors
Shortlist for ITA Awards 2016
Knighthood for UK Crossrail chairman
ITA call for 2016 Awards nominations
Lake Mead makes ASCE Award shortlist
TAC Awards celebrate the best of Canada
BTS James Clark Medal awards gathering
Leader award for Waterview Tunnel Manager
Honoring an American NATM pioneer
ITA-AITES establishes annual awards ceremony
Tunnelers lead 2015 Golden Beaver Awards
Award for ground freezing specialist
Canada pays tribute to expertise and effort
Royal Academy of Engineering
Outstanding achievement award for Maconochie
The experienced, the young and the winners
Prizes for international tunnelling achievements
James Wilton Award winners announced
Canada salutes Canadian achievements
BTS Young Members celebrate five years
Tunnelling Fellows at Royal Academy
Life achievement award for TBM manufacture
Achievement accolades for Richard Lovat
Achievement accolades for Richard Lovat
Robbins celebrates 60 years of achievement
Dave Court honoured by his BTS peers
Normet's global expansion recognized
São Paolo recognition for tunneling contractor
Distinguished US engineers receive top honors
TBM guidance system wins award
BTS at 40 and still going strong
BTS celebrates James Clark's legacy
Donald Lamont receives Queen's Honour
2011 BTS James Clark Medal - Terry Mellors
Paul Rizzo a leading newsmaker award
Aker Wirth takes management award
Nick Barton receives 6th ISRM Müller Award
UCA 2010 awards of recognition
2010 BTS James Clark Medal - Martin Knights
Lenihan Dam outlet industry award
2010 Moles Awards - Tom Dobson and Tom Traylor
Tunnel takes top London award
Claremont Tunnel receives top award
McConnell Dowell - Award winner at Pike River
Richard Lovat's birthday celebrations
Hall of fame award for Martin Herrenknecht
Moles award for Martin Herrenknecht
Dick Robbins honored for TBM engineering innovations
Charleston's deep level sewer wins acclaim