ITA social events in Budapest
ITA social events in Budapest
23-28 June 2009
At the General Assembly session on Sunday and during presentation by prospective host nations for future assemblies of the Association, ITA President, Martin Knights, remarked that the ITA acronym could also stand quite easily for International Travelling Association which certainly is true. As part of a family of now 55 member nations, the ITA General Assembly does get to be hosted in some exotic and exciting locations. This year was no exception. The welcome extended to the 1,100+ delegates and their partners by Budapest and the congress organizers was terrific. Presented below is just a small selection of the many hundreds of photos taken of the congress social events by the official photographer, David Zsolt, for event organizers Diamond Congress Ltd. If anyone has personal photos of the events to share with the wider audience, please do pass them along and we will add them to the album. In recognizing the successful efforts by President, Pál Kocsonya and the organizing committee of the Hungarian Tunneling Association, in staging a very successful congress, thanks is also extended to Attila Varga and Ildiko Kruppa as heads of the Diamond Congress team that ensured very smooth running of entire event, from arriving at the airport to organizing the lunches and gala events, to managing the technical tours. A great success! Thank you. We have very fine memories of our days in Budapest.
Saturday Evening Reception:
Pic 8

Sunday Evening Welcome Party:
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Pic 4B

Wednesday Evening Banquet:


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