LOVAT's TBM to Edmonton + finance services
LOVAT's TBM to Edmonton + finance services Oct 2008
Acquisition of LOVAT by Caterpillar is already paying dividends to LOVAT customers who can now finance TBM purchases through Caterpillar's Financial Services.
According to LOVAT, the City of Edmonton, Department of Public Works and Asset Management is the first of its customers to utilize the service with the purchase of a new LOVAT MP159SE Series 25500 TBM.
The 4.03m diameter TBM is equipped with LOVAT type ripper teeth, scraper teeth and a four spoke cuttinghead design for soft ground excavation. The cuttinghead is powered by a hydraulic drive system (600kW) with maximum torque of 3,000kNm at 1.9 rpm. The TBM has been provisioned for the future installation of a screw conveyor to allow operation in EPB mode.
The TBM will be used to bore the Mill Woods Double Barrel Replacement Storm Trunk at a length of 1,750m and a maximum slope of 0.10%. The entire tunnel alignment is below groundwater level in impermeable soils with a depth of cover varying from 30 to 37m. The subsurface profile along the tunnel alignment consists of variable thicknesses of low strength clay, shale and sandstone.
LOVAT is also supplying technical assistance for TBM assembly, testing and the initial drive. The TBM is scheduled to be delivered mid 2009.


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