Tight race for Central Subway running tunnels Jun 2011
Paula Wallis, TunnelTalk
It was expected to be competitive and it was. Less than $63 million separated the lowest and highest of six bids for the running tunnels contract of the Central Subway extension in San Francisco. The bids, from joint ventures representing 13 prime contractors, were opened Wednesday, June 8 by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).
"Having a number of bids come in under budget is very encouraging," said Paul Rose, spokesman for the SFMTA. "We look forward to reviewing the bids further as we move forward with the process."
Barnard/Impregilo/Healy JV
With a bid of $233.584 million, Barnard/Impregilo/Healy JV is the apparent low bidder. If awarded the contract, this will help Barnard rebound from a major setback seven months ago. The Bozeman, Montana based contractor, with its JV partner Judlau, lost the $583 million Manhattan Tunnels contract when the ARC

Table 1. Bids for the 1.7 mile twin bore tunnels

JV Bid ($ millions)
Barnard/Impregilo/Healy $233,584, 015
Dragados/Flatiron West $234,811,140
Shea/Traylor $257,854,655
Judlau/Shimmick $266,802,330
Obayashi/Kenny $274,556,765
Frontier Kemper/Tutor Perini $296,267,700
(Access to the Regions Core) project was canceled. At the time Barnard CEO Tim Barnard told reporters the company was out about $2 million in bidding and preparing for the project.
Italian contractor Impregilo and its US subsidiary SA Healy are currently making recovered headway on the $447 million Lake Mead Intake No 3 project for the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA).
Dragados/Flatiron JV
The Dragados/Flatiorn JV was outbid by a margin of less than $1.3 million with its bid of $234.8 million. Dragados was hoping to add to its recent win in Seattle. The Spanish contractor in JV with Tutor Perini signed a $1.35 billion design-build contract for the Alaskan Way tunnel in Seattle, Washington in January. Dragados, in joint venture with Judlau, also holds the $734 million contract for the large caverns and the $428 million TBM running tunnels contract for the East Side Access project to bring the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) services into Grand Central Terminal.
Shea/Traylor JV
$23 million separated the second from the third bid of $247.85 million from Shea/Traylor JV. Shea is active in New York where it is progressing the first $337 million contract for the 2nd Avenue Subway project as well as the $1.145 billion contract for the No 7 Line extension of the Subway in join venture with Schiavone and Skanska. Traylor has a healthy book of contracts having recently partnered with Skanska/Jay Dee to win the $330.5 million design-build contract for the Blue Pains Tunnel for Washington DC's major CSO program in April, and the 86th Street Station cavern contract of the 2nd Avenue Subway project in Manhattan in joint venture with Skanska in March.
Fig 2. Geological profile

Fig 2. Geological profile

Judlau/Shimmick JV
Judlau in joint venture with Shimmick thought its $266.8 million bid would secure the Central Subway contract and help erase the setback suffered with Barnard when the ARC project was canceled. It is currently partnered with Dragados on the massive East Side Access project with contracts totaling $1.16 billion. Shimmick, with partner Skanska, is executing a $136 million contract for a 16.3 mile (26km) surface extension of BART into Silicon Valley in Northern California that includes a short cut-and-cover section.
Obayashi/Kenny JV
The $274.5 million bid by the Obayashi/Kenny JV wasn’t the lowest this time, but the JV mobilized in January to begin construction of the 4.3 mile (7km) deep rock storm water overflow and relief sewer for the City of Columbus in Ohio. The $264.5 million contract was awarded in September 2010.
Fig 1. 1.7 mile twin tube alignment

Fig 1. 1.7 mile twin tube alignment

Frontier Kemper/Tutor Perini JV
Frontier Kemper/Tutor Perini submitted the highest bid of about $296.3 million. Frontier Kemper and its JV partners Aecon/Shea is currently installing the final lining on the mile-long 1.7km long treated water tunnel for twin Seymour-Capilano water conveyance project in Vancouver. Tutor Perini in joint venture with Southland is executing the 3.5 mile (5.6km) New Irvington potable water supply tunnel for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). The contractor is also partnered with Dragardos in the $1.35 billion design-build contract for the Alaskan Way bore tunnel viaduct replacement project in Seattle.
Central Subway
A notice to proceed on the Central Subway contract is anticipated in the third quarter of 2011. The 1.7 mile (2.7km) TBM twin bored running tunnel contact is the first of several for the $1.6 billion extension of the Third Street light rail line from I-80 to North Beach in San Francisco. The estimated $168 million Union Square Station contract will be advertised in the fourth quarter of 2011, followed by the $87 million Moscone and $141 million Chinatown station contracts.
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