COMPANY NEWS Developing a prototype fire detection system 2 Jul 2013
Trolex News Release
Development of a prototype fire detection system for the tunnelling industry is to be undertaken by gas detection specialist Trolex following award of a £239,000 R&D grant.
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The grant, from the UK-based Technology Strategy Board Smart Awards Programme, will allow Trolex to utilise new design concepts and technology to create a system that will lead to a safer underground working environment and better protection of lives and equipment. A two-year development programme will lead to the launch of the new system in 2015.
"Fire in underground workings represents one of the most dangerous hazards to lives and livelihoods in the tunnelling industry," said Laura Stockton of Trolex.
"The protection of personnel and plant relies on sensitive and accurate environmental monitoring, and detection of fire at an early stage is crucial to safeguard against the potential loss of life and assets. Trolex will draw upon its vast experience in providing tunnelling instrumentation to create a system that will meet these criteria."
Trolex detection and monitoring systems

Trolex detection and monitoring systems

"The new system will incorporate new and innovative technologies, and materials and concepts developed by Trolex to identify a fire in its earliest stages, before it takes hold with potentially devastating consequences. The system will outstrip existing single characteristic detection systems, which often respond only when a fire is well established or burning in close proximity to the sensors. Comprising multiple sensors and detectors to monitor a wide area, the Trolex solution will use powerful processing systems to make an intelligent and accurate assessment."
It is expected that Trolex's development of a new safety solution primarily for tunnelling and mining applications but also adaptable for high risk, high value applications above ground, will significantly improve working conditions, protect lives, and safeguard the environment.
Trolex is a world leader specialising in gas detection, monitoring and recovery systems, machine condition monitoring, and environmental control. The company's systems and products are used all over the world to detect gases, monitor other key environmental conditions and optimise machinery performance. Trolex holds a prominent market position in the supply of tunnelling safety solutions and is at the forefront of safety, efficiency and asset protection.
The Smart Awards scheme offers funding to small and medium-sized businesses to engage in R&D in strategically important areas. It is managed by the Technology Strategy Board, which is sponsored by the UK Government's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.
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