Inauguration of world record Seattle EPBM - TunnelCast

20 July, 2013: As the world record 17.48m diameter Hitachi-Zosen TBM that will bore the highway tunnel under downtown Seattle counts down to launch, a crowd of 5,000 local residents gathered to attend a special inauguration ceremony at the 80ft deep pit where Bertha will power up for her historic 14-month drive. Guests were invited to sign one of the giant concrete segments that will line the 2.7km-long tunnel. Washington State Governor Jay Inslee said: "This is a historic day. When I look down into this pit I don't just see a big machine I see determination, I see innovation, I see teamwork, I see a symbol of a community that worked together to move us forward." The double deck highway tunnel is scheduled to open in 2015, after which the 60-year-old earthquake-damaged Alaskan Way Viaduct it is replacing will be demolished.


Inauguration of world record EPBM

Sterling Noren reporting for TunnelCast
Alaskan Way viaduct replacement tunnel, Seattle
Construction JV:
Seattle Tunnel Partners - STP
Washington State Department of Transportation - WSDOT
Appearing in order of appearance:
Lynn Peterson, Secretary, WSDOT
Chris Dixon, Project Manager, STP
Dan Mathis, Federal Highway Administration
Jay Inslee, Washington State Governor
Matt Preedy, Deputy Administrator, WSDOT
Juan Ganero, TBM Superintendent
Linea Laird, Program Administrator
Start of TBM drive – July 2013
Breakthrough scheduled for 2014