Access to the Region's Core- TunnelCast

February 2009: A new rail tunnel under the Hudson River between New Jersey and Manhattan is shovel ready. In January 2009 the Federal Transportation Administration signed off on the final design of the estimated $8.7 billion project and supporters are now lobbying to secure $3 billion in federal funding to add to $5.7 billion from the state of New Jersey and the New York Port Authority.


Access to the Region's Core

Paula Wallis reports for TunnelTalk
New Jersey, New York
Roughly 3.7 miles of twin bored tunnels with an inside diameter of 24.6in. The project is broken into three contracts. The 5,200ft Palisades Tunnels contract. The 7,200ft Hudson River Tunnels and the 5,000ft Manhattan Tunnels contract.
New Jersey Transit in partnership with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Contract Value
$8.7 billion (total project estimate)
Hard rock and soft ground TBMs
Project Program
Bid: Spring 2009
Construction: Summer 2009
Completion: 2017