Use of Underground Space Symposium - TunnelCast

April 08, 2011: 450 delegates from 28 countries and 38 exhibitors convened in Dubrovnik in April 2011 to share knowledge and expertise with tunnellers working in the countries of South East Europe.


Use of Underground Space Symposium

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 7-8 April, 2011
Interviewed In order of appearance Davorin Kolic
President, ITA Croatia

Martin Knights
Honorary President, ITA Croatia

Zvonimir Sever
Honorary President, ITA Croatia

Prof. In-Mo Lee
President, ITA-AITES

Underground concept for Croatia's Ombla project - TunnelTalk, March 2011

A hard copy volume of the proceedings with a USB file of the full length papers is available from the ITA Croatia organising committee.