WTC 2010 success - TunnelCast

May 2010: Statistics for the WTC in Vancouver this week surpass the targets set for the event by the TAC organising committee making it a highly successful and enjoyable conference, ITA General Assembly and industry exhibition. Helsinki, Finland hosts the event next year and Geneva, Switzerland was selected this year for the WTC 2013 after the congress being prepared for Bangkok, Thailand in 2012.


World Tunnel Congress Assembly 2010

Vancouver, Canada, May 14-20, 2010
Interviewed: In order of appearance
Bob Miller, Sales Manager

Rick Staples, President
Tunnelling Association of Canada

Rick Lovat
Chairman WTC 2010

Helena Soimakallio
WTC 2011 Congress Chairperson

Vince Suwansawat
WTC 2012 Congress Chairman

Felix Amberg
WTC 2013 Congress Chairman