UNDERCITY Symposium - TunnelCast

April 19, 2012: Immersed tube technology was a keynote topic at the Dubrovnik symposium in Croatia. With more than 1,000 islands along the Adriatic coast, the only thing missing are fixed links. Tunnelling through the karst conditions of the region was another focus with developments in the field of geophysical ground investigations being explored. There is much to support an invitation by Croatia and its South East European neighbours to host the ITA World Tunnel Congress in 2015.



Dubrovnik, Croatia, 12-13 April, 2012
Interviewed: In order of appearance
Andre de Graaf, Trelleborg, The Netherlands
Peter van Westendorp, Strutkton, The Netherlands
Tadej Weber, AGRU, Austria
Carla Zenti, Elas Geotecnica-Maccaferri, Italy
Carlo Barbetta, Systemair Group, Sweden
Dr. Davorin Kolic, President, ITA Croatia
Hard copy volumes of the symposium proceedings with a USB file of the full length papers are available from the ITA Croatia organising committee.