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May 8, 2013: Countries of the Mediterranean have much in common. While their coastal locations and pristine beaches attract much-needed tourist income, countries in the region suffer major traffic issues during the summer season rush for the sun. Many countries have major coastal cities; several have inhabited islands along their coastlines that require fixed links for future sustainability; and all share similar geological conditions. The common issues for the region were up for discussion this week in Porec, Croatia, as the first in a series of annual conferences that will rotate between the Mediterranean countries.


Tunnelling in the Mediterranean Region

Shani Wallis reporting for TunnelCast
Porec, Croatia, 7-8 May, 2013
Davorin Kolic (President, ITA Croatia); Davor Simic (Ferrovial, Spain); Nuretting Demir (Gama-Nurol JV, Marmaray Project, Turkey) ; Zvonimir Sever (President, Chamber of Civil Engineers HKIG, Croatia)
The symposium proceedings with full-length copies of the papers are available from the ITA Croatia organising committee.
Among the exhibitors:
  • Tsurumi Pumps
  • Rocksoil
  • ITA Croatia - books
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