Supply chain connections at RETC2015
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11 June 2015: The 2015 session of the RETC in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, once again came up trumps with more than 1,200 delegates, a program of technical presentations that shared specific knowledge, new techniques and lessons learned, and an exhibition of more than 150 booths that presented the opportunity to interact with all levels of the tunneling industry supply chain. The next session of the RETC will meet in two year’s time in San Diego, California from 4 – 7 June 2017.

Successes prompt buoyant mood for RETC2015 - TunnelTalk, May 2015


Supply chain connections at RETC2015

TunnelTalk reporting
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Technical sessions included news on:
∗ Lake Mead Intake No 3 Tunnel
∗ Bay Delta Tunnels Project
∗ Los Angeles Effluent Outfall Tunnel
∗ DC Clean Rivers CSO project
Interviewed in order of appearance:
Erika Moonin
Southern Nevada Water Authority
Matthew Crow
Los Angeles MTA
David Haug
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles
Nestor Garavelli
Frontier-Kemper, Canada
Jack Brockway
Herrenknecht USA
Gordon Evans
DC Water and Sewer Authority
John Bednarski
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California