Zagreb Underground conference - TunnelCast

March 27, 2014: Even though underground space is easily available and usable for different purposes, it is under used in our every day life. The Zagreb Underground Symposium opened the possibility to discuss ideas, technical possibilities and financial interest for developing numerous underground transportation solutions in the cities of South-East Europe. The event also launched the preparations for the 2015 World Tunnel Congress to be hosted by the Croatia Tunnelling Association in the coastal city of Dubrovnik in May 2015.


Zagreb Underground Symposium, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia, 27 March 2014
Olivier Vion (ITA Executive Director);
Robert Pulez (Board Member, Aquaterm);
Detlef Jordan (Robbins, Sales Manager);
Yann Leblais (AFTES President)
A hard copy of the symposium proceedings with a USB file of the full length papers is available from:
ITA Croatia organising committee.