Breaking News - Bay Tunnel breakthrough

January 18, 2013: The bored tunnel under the San Francisco Bay, the first ever, has broken through after a highly successful 5-mile drive by the Hitachi-Zosen EBPM and the Michels/Jay Dee/ Coluccio JV crews. The breakthrough after midnight on Friday 11 January, completed the drive in 16 months, a full 8 months ahead of schedule.
Congratulations to the JV, Hitachi-Zosen, and the SFPUC.

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Bay Tunnel breakthrough

Paula Wallis reports for TunnelTalk
San Francisco Bay
Single bore, about 5 miles (8km) long, under the San Francisco Bay at depths ranging from 75ft to 110ft (22-33m), segmentally lined to 108in (3m) i.d. and finished with steel carrier pipes.
Water tunnel
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Contract Value:
$215.3 million
Hitachi Zosen EPBM
Segment production:
Traylor Shea Precast, Stockton
Michels/Jay Dee/Coluccio JV
Jacobs Associates
Construction Management:
Jacobs Engineering