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September 2012: A TBM of extraordinary 19.25m diameter dimension, deep open-cut approaches through soft ground, and a double-deck, six-lane highway beneath the Neva River in St Petersburg are the mega proportions of the Orlovski project in Russia. Dr Mikhael Ryjevski of the project's Plato Engineering group describes the technical scope of this proposed mega undertaking and Prof Fritz Grübl of PSP Engineering focuses on the design of the massive rings of the precast concrete segmental lining. The project is on hold at present while funding for the much-needed river crossing highway is secured.


Mega dimensions of Russian Orlovski Project

Paula Wallis reporting for TunnelCast
St Petersburg, Russia
Orlovski Highway Tunnel under the Neva River
Nevskaya Concession Company LLC
Plato Engineering LLC
Project scope:
6km double-deck, six-lane highway tunnel under the river
Tunnel Design:
Mega-19.25m diameter slurry Mixshield TBM on order from Herrenknecht AG for the 1,000m single bore under river drive
Segmental lining:
12 segments plus a key in each 700mm thick, 2.2m wide ring
Deep cut-and-cover construction 3km one side, 3.8km the other side
TBM launch shaft:
52m o.d.; 49m i.d.; 42m deep
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