ITA-WTC2011 roundup - TunnelCast

May 2011: It was a busy agenda worked out by the 1,300 delegates at the 37th ITA General Assembly and World Tunnel Congress in Helsinki this week. The capital of Finland played a perfect backdrop for hosting the international tunnelling community with a live car park excavation contract progressing beneath the iconic Finlandia Hall venue. ITA business was advanced and technical sessions of the WTC discussed wide ranging topics of interests for all sectors of the industry.

First Muir Wood Memorial Lecture


37th ITA General Assembly & WTC 2011

Helsinki, Finland May 20-26, 2011
Professor Robert Mair
Second Muir Wood Memorial Lecture
Tunnelling in urban areas and effects on infrastructure

Han Admiraal
Chairman, ITA Committee on Underground Space
Launch of three-year ITA Global Perspective Open Session
2011 Helsinki - Delivering Better and Resilient Cities
2012 Bangkok - Planning Better and Resilient Cities
2013 Geneva - Deciding Better and Resilient Cities

Arnold Dix
Animateur Working Group 3
Publication of The ITA Contractual Framework Checklist
for Subsurface Construction Contracts

Daniel Ruckstuhl
Vice President, BASF Meyco Underground Construction
Promotion of ITA Tech Committee