New ITA President and ExCo members - TunnelCast

May 2010: Professor In-Mo Lee is elected by member nations to succeed Martin Knights of the UK as the 13th President of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association. Lee is the first President from Asia and has a specific vision and agenda for his three year presidency.


36th ITA-AITES General Assembly

Vancouver, Canada, May 14-20, 2010
New President
In-Mo Lee of Korea

Past President
Martin Knights of the UK

Four new ITA Vice-Presidents
Markus Thewes, Germany
Yun Bai, China
Soren Degn Eskensen, Denmark
Ivan Hrdina, Czech Republic

Five new Executive Council members
Amanda Elioff, United States of America
Pal Kocsonya, Hungary
Rick Lovat, Canada
Chun Nam Ow, Singapore
Daniele Peila, Italy